The 1st Benefit of Professional Web Design

There are many articles on the internet about the benefits of professional web design. In some cases it’s obvious that they were written by people who are highly professional Web designers. Then there are those which leave you wondering – what are they really trying to achieve? Ultimately it’s the results which count. The best […]

Software, Service Models and Cloud Computing

Software and service models offered via cloud computing represent a very strong development in the immediate future of information technology (IT) and IT services. In gearing up for the future, many organisations are investigating the benefits and costs of moving their IT functionality to the cloud. Various service models can be used. Input from an […]

Information Technology (IT) and Sustainable Development

Information and communications technology (ICT) has a huge role to play in sustainable development. In taking a Holistic approach Balixton practices sustainable IT. It is part of their approach to implementing IT systems and client solutions. What is Sustainable Development? Brundtland authored a report* as chair of the UN’s World Commission on Environment and Development. […]

Web design and Web Development

Website consulting includes web design and development as an important operational area. Assuming that the organisation has a website strategy in place, in line with an organisational vision, it is most important that its internet presence reflects this. The challenge is to create a web presence which stands out amongst the thousands (probably millions) of […]

Interactive Information Management, Part 2

Social Media and Information Management In Interactive Information Management, Part 1 we dealt mainly with getting Information management (IM) up and running within an organisation. Relative to most organisations the focus of IM was internal, until the appearance of the internet and the rise of social media. Since the mid 1990s attention has focused with […]

Interactive Information Management, Part 1

Basic Information Management Interactive Information Management (IIM or I2M) is a natural consequence of a process which predates the invention of the abacus (China, circa 3000 BC). Our human abilities to consciously process information, and extend our capability through technology, are of the most important aspects which make humanity different from any other specie. Thus […]

Client Needs and Software Development

Software development goes under many names. The terms application development, software design, software application development, enterprise application development, or platform development are often used interchangeably. Software development is often called upon to deal with new situations or solve problems in a changing environment. There is often a flood of information at an alarming rate. An […]

Ecommerce – Developing Business Online

Doing business online is one of the fastest growth areas. At a quick glance it would seem that starting an online business is easier than falling off a log. Some believe it’s merely a case of opening a Google account and setting up a website. True, some of the best business ideas are quite simple. […]